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Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Taurus Rising 
Emotional Projector with a 2/4 profile.

A multi-faceted woman, I have been on a continuous spiritual and personal development journey for 9 years.

My purpose in this lifetime is to assist in the rising consciousness of the world.

I have a strong passion for sharing my life experiences with others to enhance their lives, and you will often see me sharing excerpts from books and podcasts, writing about intimate and personal experiences, and inspiring others to explore their life purpose and be their most magnetic and authentic self.


Caitlin Potts is a qualified life coach, conscious mother, and online blogger.


On this platform you will find my passions and experiences in a range of topics. In my current chapter of life, I am deeply in the realm of motherhood and conscious parenting after giving birth to my firstborn alongside my soulmate. There are blog posts on these topics available, including:
• My experience of the first, second and third trimester
• Nursery and baby shower recommendations
• Honouring the new mother after birth
• The first week of postpartum, essentials and tips


Other topics you can find on this blog and my instagram:
• Abundance & opulence
• Manifestation
• Astrology
• Journaling
• Human design
• Positive relationships
• Personal development
• Mindfulness & spirituality
• Guidance on how to start your spiritual journey
• Book and podcast recommendations

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