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Hey! I'm Caitlin ("Caity" to close friends and lovers), I'm 27 and live on the Gold Coast, Australia. I have a Virgo sun and Cancer moon, worked in the travel industry since 21, have visited 18 countries, dabbled in marketing and graphic design, and have a passion for creativity in forms such as digital art, content creation for brands, resin painting and more.

I am currently training to become a life coach, as my purpose in this lifetime is to assist in the rising consciousness of the world

From the age of 20, I started my journey in mindfulness and spirituality after experiencing severe depression. I had a deep knowing that there is so much more to this life than the 9 to 5, clock in/clock off, go to school, get a job just to pay the bills, get married, have kids (teach them to do the same) then retire.


This just didn't seem right to me.


I felt that we have so much more potential, to feel more, be more, and experience life on such a deeper level. There was something greater calling me than just the average 'normal' life but I didn't know how to start exploring it. 

Once I started questioning this, the universe briskly placed me on the starting point of my journey, and I received a "care package" from Mum while living in Noosa QLD which included the book "Happy For No Reason". This book was the introduction of my spiritual journey and of who I would become - it opened me to the idea of mindfulness by giving scientific and psychological reasons of why these mindful practices work, which I needed as I'm a very logical and practical Virgo (also ruled mainly by earth signs). This book shifted my mindset entirely and was an incredible introduction for what was to come.

Personal growth becomes so addictive once you realise that it's always possible to improve your experience of being. 

It opened me up to meditation, yoga, journaling, podcasts, and I started reading book after book after book. Mindfulness and spirituality are an insane rabbit hole that doesn't ever end and there's an incredible amount of niches for you to find which resonates with you the most no matter what your passions and interests are.


I found that everything is divinely interconnected, and there are so many synchronicities once you start learning about it all and going deeper that just align and make sense. 


Over the last 6 years since then, I have healed an insane amount, truly stepped in my self worth, enhanced my intuition by trusting in the power of the universe, connected with such beautiful souls and experienced things in life that I couldn't ever have dreamed of 7 years prior. My connection with that "higher power" (though we are the universe, experiencing itself) grows stronger each and every day and each day I am grateful for every single experience I encountered to make me who I am today and to share my learnings and knowledge to those who ask for it. 

My daily practices involve meditation, either guided or with binaural beats, listening to a podcast or audiobook when driving/on the train/cooking breakfast, journaling to allow my thoughts to leave my mind and also to keep track of my goals and aspirations, going for a run to release energy, and reading books. Books and podcasts are an endless wealth of knowledge and insanely affordable for what instant enhancements they can bring your life. I also joined the To Be Magnetic membership, which works with psychology, hypnotherapy, neuroscience and energetics, and has accelerated my spiritual growth unlike anything I could ever possibly imagine. 

Each experience I've had in life led me to who I am today.


The experience of a difficult, soul-aching relationship gave me the massive shove to step so purposefully on my path today and taught me about commitment and dedication to this journey.

If that relationship were easy, then I wouldn't have searched so deeply inside of myself for my inner strength, power, intuition and the deeper connection to Source. I would have just thought "I'm happy enough now" like so many people do and not bothered with the daily journal practice, tapping into my higher self, reading more books, listening to podcasts that invite you to expand your mind - I would have just settled and not ever experienced my true potential. 


It's okay to not have a sense of belonging throughout your teenage years, because if I did then I might not be searching for expanders, surrounding myself by successful like-minded people who have goals and ambitions. I am so much more grateful for the people who care for me in my life because it means that much more to me; I hold my friendships with the highest regard and my friends know how much I treasure our genuine connection and we help eachother grow and inspire eachother every day. 


Every experience in your life has either guided you or redirected you onto your true path. If you try to stray from it, make a wrong decision, the path will become a bit rough and rocky but you'll always been shown the way back. Trust in that. Relax and allow yourself to flow with it. I'm so glad to be 27 and already be 7 years into my journey, to be sharing what I've learnt with other people, inspiring and guiding just by living my true path. There's so much more to learn, this journey is a lifetime devotion and I can't wait to see what grows from this online space and community.

Love and Light, Caitlin.