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Yoni Pleasure Palace


Luxurious crystal pleasure and healing wands, yoni eggs, and feminine wellness products

Oz Xtract


CBD oil, used for stress, anxiety, sleep, depression and more. Non GMO hemp, shipped from Australia

Secret Tans


Melanotan - injectable tan enhancer, high quality and imported from USA, based in the Gold Coast

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Canva — A simple, beginner level online graphic design site where you can make your own designs with no design experience. Create reel covers, instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails. social media templates, story stickers, marketing collateral and more.

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Skillshare — For all my creative lovers (the potential is inside all of you), this is

where I learn new skills. Resin art, alcohol ink, digital art, photoshop, social media, watercolour, calligraphyentrepreneurship, photography, the opportunities are endless.

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