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Affirmations for Birth

It took me a few months to mentally and emotionally process the oncoming journey of maiden to mother. At the start I couldn’t even think of what my nursery theme would be, what colour clothing I’d want, type of pram/babyseat/cot, or go to upcoming baby expo’s, much less be able to think about the process of actual birth! I had so much to learn, because all my life I knew that when this time would come, I would absolutely throw my entire heart and soul into pregnancy, birthing my child and guiding her through this world (yes, I always knew I’d have a girl!), so it was a lot to process and it was suddenly like “holy shit, it’s actually happening!”

After about 5 months in, I thought “okay, I’ve got the medical tests out of the way, everything is going well and as it should, I have a private midwife and doula secured, I understand the process of everything so far and I’ve been informing myself in every way possible”. I started opening myself up to explore the birthing part of this journey and collected the following affirmations on these slides (plus… about, 30 more!)

I personally am planning a natural homebirth, being equipped with many tools and techniques such as a birth pool, TENS machine, reboso technique with a sling, essential oils and tinctures, detachable shower head, birth ball, acupuncture pressure points and using items such as a birth comb and pine cones (so brilliant!), and included in my homebirth tool kit will be these affirmations all around me.

I’m super familiar with affirmations, having been on my spiritual journey for nearly 9 years now, but I know that when the time comes for my little one to come earthside, my brain may well not be functioning “logically” and I want to allow myself to drop into a primal, intuitive, natural state as much as possible, and not have to remember to think “Surges are power, the power is me”. So these will be included in my birth space as prompts and reminders of my power and what is coming (the birth of my girl!)

I’ve collected and made these specifically for my birthing experience, but I really do encourage anybody who is birthing in any way and in any environment, medical or not, to lean into the power of hypnobirthing techniques, which include calm breath, deep relaxation, guided meditation, visualisation, positive affirmations and more.

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