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Baby Registry, Nursery & Favourite Items

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Sam and I just celebrated our baby shower! 🥳 I was so excited for my family on all sides to come together with his for the first time to meet and celebrate the coming of our very loved little girl!

I created a baby registry for the baby shower, but also as one place for me to collate everything I needed for when bub comes - birth preparation, post partum, and as she grows. Whilst it is a list for our family and friends to buy gifts from, it's also a place for me to remember and refer to for after the shower as well, so I put everything on there.

I used Baby List for my registry (not sponsored or affiliated, just found it soo freakin' useful) because you can add any item, from any website, all into the one place, and it includes the name, a photo of the product, the price, a direct link to purchase, and space for you to make a note such as "this liner fits into the pram we have ordered, 'storm' colour please!" and I highly recommend it! Super useful if you're like me and love the boutique style clothing and small businesses (I don't think there was a single thing on there from Baby Bunting/Baby Kingdom!) Your family/friends can mark an item as purchased but stay anonymous, you'll receive an email saying "someone has bought you something!" so you know it's coming but it's still a surprise for your shower. Here's what the purchased section looks like:

We just about have our entire nursery set up and ready to go now, so I'll be sharing what products and items we purchased and were gifted, right down to the hair brush and towel, to give you some inspo and ideas and also to share some baby stores and brands (none are affiliated, it's purely just to share with you). Keep in mind that we weren't necessarily sticking to a budget, more so looking for good quality items that are, safe, practical, and will last for our next bub too. I'm sure there are plenty of bloggers who do have a price conscious list of baby items if that's what you're looking for, but we indulged in this experience a little. Remember you can be savvy and shop around for different stores as I found there was nearly always one that had a sale on!

Nursery & Main Items

CotLeander Linea White (with mattress)

I love that this cot has the functionality of 4 settings, suiting newborn to toddler and upward as it eventually converts into a lounge for their room or playroom!

BassinetTutti Bambini CoZee Breeze

I didn't want to spend too much on bub's bassinet as she'll only be in it for a few months (and really, could just use the cot) so this was my choice! It needed wheels so I can move it from our bedroom to the loungeroom, a fold down railing, and this is mesh so you can always see the position she's in.

Pram & Nappy BagSilvercross Pioneer Constellation + Wave Change Bag

We went to the "One Fine Baby" Expo to look at different pram brands and styles and fell in loveeee with Silvercross! The quality and style was unsurpassable, the functionality and weight too. We bought the Pioneer Constellation plus Wave Change Bag (comes with a portable change mat and thermal bottle holder).

Car SeatJoie Armour FX

We weren't looking for a capsule car seat, and this one has great features for as she grows, and we'll have our next bub in the seat within a few years so it was a great option for us.

Baby MonitorLollipop Smart Monitor

I didn't put tooo much research into a monitor because I don't feel I'll use it very often, and Sam and I had no interest in one that has monitors every reading possible because we don't have many fears around parenting (though I completely understand many parents do have anxieties around sleep which is fine, just not something we've taken on). I just wanted one that connects to an app, has a high quality picture, and clear night vision. In hindsight after making the purchase, I probably would have spent the money on a different brand. You spend $350 on a high quality camera, and then are expected to pay an ongoing monthly subscription to access all of the features of that camera. That kinda pissed me off when I started to use the app and realised they want even more money from you. It's also clearly not an AU, US or UK originated product, with functions that aren't fluent and user friendly.

BouncerBaby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss

A little bit of a splurge, but the quality is beautiful, it's incredibly light and versatile, we'll be taking this everywhere from the beach to friends houses, and it converts into a toddler chair. It also eliminated the need for a lounger/nest as bub can go in here as a newborn and won't grow out of it as quickly as a nest!

Nappy CaddieBunnie Caddie

More of a nice-to-have than a need, I was very excited to receive this pretty number at the baby shower! Having one I certainly will make use of it and have already popped in nappies, nappy cream, nipple cream, wipes and disposable bags, ready to go! These are also beautiful hospital bags (though I personally don't have the need for one!) and apparently useful to pop in the car for days out too.