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I've always kept a list in my phone of my favourite online stores for references, and when I had a friend message me for recommendations last week, I thought why not share my women's clothing recommendations with everyone ☺️ This can be your go-to when looking for a new outfit for a birthday or event, comfy new staples or loungewear, a sexy bikini, heels or boots, high quality activewear and more, so bookmark this blog post for reference! Having this page bookmarked also let's you unsubscribe from marketing emails of every other brand that you get on the daily, trust me you don't need email notifications trying to sell you something, you get enough of their marketing in your instagram and facebook feeds! Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe, and free yourself. My email space is one of opportunity only ✨

Below are all the brands I personally buy from, that are of good quality and not that super fast-fashion, get-one-wear-out-of or extremely thin material that I've found from brands such as Fashion Nova or Boohoo... You won't find poor quality in any of my recommendations ever (given, Meshki can be hit or miss, but I've also found some really great pieces from there too). These brands are also 90% from Australia which is something I personally look for when buying online, for fast and easy shipping (and returns should you need it). I'm so aware that there's many, many more activewear brands, dress brands etc but these are my personal favourites that I always go back to!

I'm not affiliated with any of these brands at all (ie. I'm not paid for any sales) and I don't have discount codes, this post is purely to help other gals out. Usually if you search on google you can find codes though! Lots of influencers will have personal discount codes on their instagram and YouTube haul videos such as "CAITLIN20" or "CP15" (not real discount codes, just an example) for certain brands, so try that out too!

Now, let's dive in, as I use all my willpower ever when sharing the links to each website to NOT look at what their new releases or sale items are... (really hope ya'll appreciate this list!)

Feminine | Flowy | Goddess Vibes

The Royal Codes

Indigo Luna

Sabo Skirt

Mura Boutique

Stapled | Comfy Loungewear

Kookai Having at least 3 kookai crops in your wardrobe is a must. The quality of their staples is unbeatable, and they are so comfortable.

Meshki Also in the dress section, but I've bought some tops and jumpers from here

Lounge Underwear - Definitely a great one for underwear sets, but I also love their range of apparel - tracks, hoodies, fluffy jammie pants. UK based but great shipping times (full disclosure, I do collab with Lounge so any photo I post with them tagged has been gifted!)

South St This could go under the tomboy section for oversized tee's, but it's a brand I live in both around the house and out that has high quality clothing. The "property sweater" seriously has the softest inside I have ever experienced, I wear it with any excuse 😂

Joah Brown I haven't bought from this brand yet but it's on my list! They're based in LA and seem to have high quality staples, loungewear and clothes you can dress up.

Saski Collection Haven't purchased from as they other brands do it for me, but it's here just in case

Dresses | Playsuits | Shorts etc (all general women's clothing!)

Tiger Mist When living on the Gold Coast, going to Burleigh Pav or out in Surfers, a lot of my outfits came from here! I'm a size 4/6 and their clothes really flatter my waist.

Meshki Glitzy event outfits! As mentioned in the intro, the quality can be hit and miss, but usually hits! I bought my birthday dress from here and everyone loved it (I even had a friend ask to borrow it for her birthday!). I've also still got a casual cropped tee that I wore to Defqon back in 2018 and it's still standing.

Princess Polly Usually my go to for a wardrobe refresh or top up, they have quite a big range!

Showpo Brilliant for dresses, but my personal go to for work clothes! I love their black and navy slim work pants, and corporate style dresses

White Fox Boutique Recently got a bit of a haul from here and was surprised at how much I loved from their whole website! Lots of both casual and dress styles.

Beginning Boutique

Petal & Pup

Oh Polly (UK based but fast shipping)

Hello Molly

The Iconic

Streetwear | Tomboy Style | Oversized

Billy Bones Club These guys have not only built a brand, but an entire lifestyle to go with it. Their fedoras are a must have (I have both black and salted caramel) and their tees have sick slogans too, like "be a bad ass, not a bad person". Totally my vibe 🤘🏽 (disclosure, I collab with these guys and anything I post has been gifted. I purchase hats and apparel for Sam though ☺️)

Billy Sixes Safari I originally did a collab with these guys and ended up loving their clothes! If you want motorcycle/chopper style clothing without the standard, oversaturated Harley Davidson shirts, then get yourself a few of these

Three AM Incredible quality oversized tee's, easily my most favourite casual clothing to wear because they feel so good. The quality is honestly unsurpassable, I have 4 styles! Three AM has very limited edition releases, never to be made again, so if you see a style of tee you want and are one to stand out from the crowd, sign up for the release and grab it!

Cartel Label — You guys probably saw me wear this apparel for literally every singly day in a whole year. I wear both their women and mens range, they're so comfortable and great for every day looks

Culture Kings Always my go to for a new cap (A-frame), and remember to look at their jewellery section for unique pendants or single earrings for an edgy look!


High quality lingerie is paramount to me. Whether to wear for yourself or for someone that deserves it (I mean that), this is one area you don't want to skimp on. Plus you have it for soo long! Make sure you remember those suspenders and stockings, and even treat yourself to a lace robe (we all need at least one!)

Gooseberry Intimates

Kat The Label

Agent Provocateur

Swimwear | Bikini's

I personally love bikini's that are cheeky cut and flatter my butt (it disappears when I wear regular shaped briefs), so these are a few of my favourites


Arizona Daphne

Somerfield Swim

Cartel Label

Activewear | Yoga

Seriously, every brand here has such high quality clothing that I can't even pick my favourite. You can't go wrong with any of these!

Bo + Tee You should know by now that I'm their favourite unofficial ambassador 😉 They are a part of Oh Polly and based in the UK, but they have really fast shipping considering! Super stylish activewear that I always get complimented on by lovely strangers at the gym, and they have loungewear too. I wear their ribbed shorts and they make my waist look teeny! They also don't ride up when you're running or working out, which is important to me in activewear (so many other brands do, which I won't mention here!)

Echt Love for quality and style, gorgeous colours, seamless range is amazing

Do You Even Also love for quality and style, and seamless range is also amazing! Much of a muchness between these two brands, so go with the colours/styles that you like

Ryderwear A brand I hadn't bought from before because almost every micro influencer promotes them, but Sam wears their men's range and I gotta say, he looks so hot in it and I was surprised at how light and flattering their range is. So I bought some tights for myself and they impressed me too!

Lululemon A slightly higher price range but it's completely valid due to their quality. I love their yoga accessories and have a Lululemon mat, block, strap and headband!


Naked Wolfe

Windsor Smith (all photos I've posted have been gifted by WS)

Billini (I wear their sunglasses too!)

Tony Bianco


My personal style of jewellery to wear is handmade, dainty and gold, with little sparkles. I'm incredibly selective with what I wear, so here are my go to sites when feeling like spoiling myself (or asking Sam to!)

By Charlotte I wear 2 of her rings

Kirstin Ash I wear a set of earrings as my staple every day


Local Eclectic


Her Pony

Dolls Kill

Outcast Clothing

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