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I have designed and created my very own downloadable PDF document which you can find and read the description of just here! Many of us are absolutely speeding through life, filling in every empty time block with something to do or someone to talk to, not being comfortable in a moment of quiet and automatically pulling out our phone instead, numbing our minds with content and information, going going going. We want every thing instantly, are losing the art of patience as everything is becoming instant, and many of us don't even know how to slow down. We hardly allow ourselves our own thoughts to come through when we are numbed of conscious awareness by all of this. Having this Monthly Reflection will create accountability for you to hit *pause* on life, and take a step back to see where you have been, who you've been with (you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with), reflect on what you've done and set yourself up for the coming 4 weeks by creating clear goals and asking the universe for what you want. And you get to use the same document at every months end 😌 Create space for a free hour to yourself, be in a comfortable setting (possibly with candles, salt lamp, incense, my "Chill ☁️ Spotify playlist), pop your phone onto aeroplane mode and allow your own mind to speak.

Inclusions of the download:

  • Highlights and achievements

  • People connected with

  • Events/outings attended

  • Lessons learnt

  • Rating of social, family, finances, creativity, fitness and more

  • Gratitude list

  • Improvement opportunities

  • New month theme word

  • New moon and full moon date entry

  • Intentions, goals, focuses - space to write, then list 5 goals with intended completion date

  • Spend less time on, more time on...

  • What to learn/enhance

  • How you want to feel

  • Manifestation list

  • To do list

  • Monthly habit tracker

I wanted to expand more on this document and share more of my thoughts and intentions behind it, as well as explain what certain sections are for, give examples of what they mean and how you can use them to the best of your power. Most explain themselves, but here are some mentionable points for you to gain the most value out of it 🥰


People Connected With

Whilst this could initially come across as irrelevant and shallow, it's an activity to warm your mind up, put it into the state of reflection, and encourages a form of research. I use a planner as a calendar, so at the time of my monthly reflection to go back to view this and write out all of the people I connected with and spent with with over the past 4 weeks. Events/outings is of a similar purpose, and the printable is a nice screenshot to have an overview of everything you spent your time doing for that month of the year.

Lessons Learnt

This is a section I'd never reflected on or taken into consideration to review frequently before creating this document. You are learning lessons every day, but you don't usually recognise them until quite some time later (those, "OH, that's why that had to happen!" moments that occur a year later). You can advance your personal development process greatly by checking in on these lessons and recognising them, more frequently.


These are here as prompts to have you slow down and think what you're grateful for. Remember that gratitude is a feeling. It's not thinking up good things that have happened and whacking an "I am grateful for..." in front of it. Practicing gratitude and writing a gratitude list is feeling it within your self, within your core, taking a conscious moment to appreciate what you have experienced and then taking writing it down to really acknowledge it.


Theme Word

This is something you want to be consciously aware of for the month. One word that you keep coming back to, that you may meditate on, or use to bring back focus when you become distracted. Examples for inspiration and give you ideas of what these can be, are "opportunities", "freedom", "abundance", "brave", "love over fear". There are crystals that will align with what you're calling in as well and can enhance your experience, for example I would carry Lepidolite (one of my favourite crystals!) when I was both quitting my job and leaving my relationship a few years ago, as it induces change, assists with big decision making, helps to release old behaviour patterns, and brings deep emotional healing and soothing.


Here are examples of my previous manifestations that I have had listed to inspire you and give you an idea of what you can call in. They can be big or small, remember that the power of your manifestation skill is directly aligned with what you feel worthy of. If it's a bigger manifestation such as a job or home, make a list and write exactly what you want from that and how it feels. Everything listed here was free, gifted, or showed up, usually within a few days: beanie, teeth whitening kit, AirPods, close guy friend, a certain book (gifted by a work college), a new job, photographer, 'opportunities', holiday to the Cook Islands, female best friend, new home, streetwear collaboration, new activewear, a person to teach you something or give you an experience you are after, going to a particular place (a friend may invite you), a particular star sign ie. Aries people kept showing up.

If there are any other areas of the Monthly Reflection that you unsure of, please send me an email or DM on instagram! I hope this little creation of mine brings you a deeper understanding and view of yourself, evokes inspiration and, as always, encourages and supports your personal growth ✨

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