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Let’s talk SMART goals for personal or business development 📌👩🏻‍💻 I first learnt about this acronym during my business course when I was 19, and it’s a tool that has stayed in my mind since.

The ’T’ has been most significant for me, and I will always put a date on my goal because…

A goal without a plan is just a dream.

SMART goals are used in many offices and business, but in case you are not familiar with the strategy tool, here’s the breakdown for you to implement ✍🏼

Specific — Well define your goal, using the 5 W’s: what (do I want to accomplish?), why (do I want to achieve this goal?), who (is involved?), where (is it to be achieved?), which (resources or obstacles are involved?)

Measurable — Break your goal/s down into measurable steps, what is an indication of your progress? How do you know when you’ve met your goal?

Achievable — Ensure your goal is challenging, but realistic and attainable. You may need to develop new skills and mindsets.

Relevant — Ensure it is important and aligns with you. Is this the right time? Is it worthwhile? Am I the right person? Do I have time and/or finances to commit to this goal?

Time-bound — Have a target date for any and every big goal or idea, no matter how small. This creates a sense of urgency. Finish by asking yourself “what can I do today?”

I’ll create my goals by mind mapping any ideas, goals or aspirations I have onto paper (usually my dated journal so I can look back onto the first creation of putting a goal into motion), then working backwards until I have weekly and daily actionable steps to make it happen. Knowing your “why?” Is an incredibly important step of the SMART process, and I encourage you to put this as your phone screen background, a virtual sticky note on your desktop, written on your bathroom mirror or printed out on your fridge.

Be sure to write down any instant hits of inspiration or “pings” too (I like to outline mine in a red box because they’re incredibly important intuitive hits), and remember to keep your “to-do list” as short as possible, meaning that if you can take action now, do it instead of writing it on your list.

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