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Test Relationships

This is the relationship you settle for, say "this will do" or "but when it's good, it's really good", the ones you become complacent in, make excuses for, and where you don't honour that voice in the back of your mind that tells you there is so much more waiting for you (you and I both know it).

It’s becoming so clear that so many of us, if not all, are given relationships that are simply to learn and grow from. The ones that test and push you, where you’re given an opportunity to stand up for your own values, say no to what doesn’t align, and have the strength to walk away from when it is done.

A lot of us get stuck in these relationships and are in fear that something better doesn’t exist, and granted that sometimes it’s subconscious fear which does need to be uncovered.

But I’m watching myself, and people around me, who are saying no to settling for mediocre and "good enough/this'll do". Who rip themselves out of it (or gracefully walk away), regardless of the attachment, history, even legal commitment to one another, because they know a greater love exists for them and for the person they are leaving too.

And so they honour that self worth, and they create space for the right person to come through. Your person can’t come through to you if you’re energetically blocking the doorway with another. Or if your self worth isn’t at the frequency for them to align with and meet you in that same place (and that’s on working on yourself).

Be aware of these Test Relationships. Do you think you've experienced one previously? Are you experiencing one now? They provide growth and so much insight; your partner may just be a teacher and that's okay. It's what is needed for your growth, but it is not a place you spend the rest of your life or even 6 more months of this life.

Give yourself permission to leave if you feel you need to. Easier said than done? Watch my YouTube video on leaving relationships and being alone. I have been there. But don't just watch it and be on your merry way, I want you to take action and write the list I base this honest and vulnerable video on.

Honour yourself, and honour the lessons being brought. This might help with releasing attachment to a recent relationship too. Appreciate it for what it was, energetically send the person on their way with so much love and white light from your heart, and move your own journey forward.

A disgustingly beautiful love is waiting for you, where you will feel aligned, worshipped, and equal, I promise.

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