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Using Your Voice During Birth

I created this post not long after giving birth. A planned homebirth, I was transferred to hospital and experienced the system first hand. It was a heartbreaking experience that negatively impacted the start of my motherhood journey, but as my doula told me, we all have the birth experience we are meant to have, and I greatly believe I was supposed to experience this to be a voice for other women who don’t yet have the confidence and courage to speak for themselves.

Birth trauma should not be our initiation into motherhood.

So we can start by being informed, know what it is we’re fighting for, and why. Ask what alternatives are available. Does this test benefit you or them? Do you know when your baby starts producing their own vitamin K? What effects do instruments have? What are ALL the effects? What natural pain relief is available? Is cutting the hymen absolutely necessary? Can we try without? What actually are the ingredients and effects of vaccinations? What’s the best way for me to have a vaginal birth? Do you know the immense benefits of your baby passing through the vaginal canal? Do you know there are ways to encourage your baby to move out of breech position? It’s important to be informed and know your “why”.

Use the acronym BRAIN when posed with an option (or demand). I went through 24 hours in a hospital bed fighting tooth and nail to give my baby a vaginal birth, because I had researched the short and long term effects of having a cesarean, epidurals, antibiotics during labour, instrument deliveries, birth and breastfeeding, and was determined to do it as naturally as possible, for the health of my baby. A cesarean was forced on me from the moment I entered the hospital, but knowing my “why” and trusting my intuition that myself and my baby were healthy and safe, I stood by my values and used my voice to say “no”.

I encourage you to use yours as well. If anybody would like any references and resources for this information, my DM’s are open. The places I learnt from are doulas, birth keepers, podcasts, books, websites such as Spinning Babies and incredible instagram accounts who share their research and science based knowledge with all of us. I understand this can be a triggering post for some, but know that anything I write or share only ever comes from love and is to encourage a positive and informed experience for others 🙏🏽🤍

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